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We Need Everyone!

How you can help....

  • Please add you name to our petition to restore Lake Bonham.  The Three main requests that we are asking are described below. We understand these are significant requests because issues at the lake have the potential to impact all City of Bonham and Fannin County residents.  Click a Sign Petition button below or go to

  • Volunteers are needed to help get the word out!  If you can help.... coordinate distribution of flyers,  attend community meetings to provide information about what we are trying to accomplish, staff information booths at community events...we would greatly appreciate your help.  (See printable flyer below.)  We also have yard signs available to post in high traffic areas.  If you have property where the sign would be visible please contact us about getting a sign (no cost to you).

  • Donate!  A go fund me account has been set upand any money donated will 100% be used to promote awareness of our 3 goals for Lake Bonham.  Click here to donate:  GO FUNDME

  • Pass this website and the petition on to as many people as you can!


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Aerial photo NTX pit..jpg
White paddle in water 2022.jpg


1.  Do testing and investigation to determine the extent and sources of the problem on the lake through testing of water in all areas of the lake, level of sedimentation accumulation, damage done to wildlife and vegetation, erosion problems, and loss of volume.


2.  Determine how to halt the problem and to stop the deteriorating conditions as well as begin mediating this with ongoing monitoring.


3.  Develop and implement a restoration plan for returning the watershed and lake to a healthy state for water level capacity, wildlife and aquatic health, water clarity and safety, and overcome any other identified watershed and lake problems for the citizens recreation and community water supply.


Please feel free to print and distribute this flyer.

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