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Limb over Wolf Creek.jpg


Citizens concerned for the life of the lake.

Limb over Wolf Creek 2_edited.jpg

The photo on top was taken March 2017.

The Photo below was taken March 2022.


This is Aerial drone footage shot May 11, 2022 at 10:30 am.  It shows the second crossing back bay connecting to the lake bay.


Wolf Creek dirty 2.png

•With ongoing rains this Spring, continued sand-colored water has been discharging into the lake from Wolf Creek.
•Sand has been deposited into Lake Bonham's second crossing back bay, into the arm of Lake Bonham as far as the main body of the lake.
•These sand deposits are clearly on top of the existing original Lake Bonham all the way to shorelines and would be assumed to be deep into the second crossing bay channel.
The turbidity and water clarity have been substantially cloudy and documented on Lake Bonham Homeowners Facebook page.
-------Photo from April 2022

•Fishing and wildlife have been significantly affected as observed by drastically reduced crappie and bass being caught, no spawning activity in the back bay, and very limited presence of herons fishing. No observed night fishing during typical crappie spawn, fishing under or near the second crossing bridge.
•Besides the impact on fish (spawning areas, irritation of eyes and gills, etc.), important aquatic vegetation and other wildlife habitats, we are concerned about water quality and possible contaminants.  We understand our treated water tests adequately, but this lake is also used for swimming and water sports.  If nothing else, the turbidity of the water makes the lake much less attractive  for recreational activities. 

Aerial Drone pic of lake 5.22.jpg


•The significantly observed decrease in lake depth due to sedimentation also impacts the total water volume holding capacity and is likely accelerated with the potential sand being deposited into the lake from Wolf Creek and potentially other sources of unknown origin.

Video taken April 24, 2022

  • As a result, there is concern for accelerated increased sedimentation, decreased or completely absent spawning that traditionally is strong on this second crossing bay, concern for possible water quality pollutant turbidity that can impact aquatic vegetation and other parts of the lifecycle, yearly animal feeding and possible reproduction.

  • As part of any analysis of Lake Bonham, we encourage the authorities to investigate and consider the issues of damage to property from the occasional/seasonal floods.  While we certainly understand this is not a constant level lake, the degree of flooding and the resulting property damage is concerning.  In Sept 2018, the water level reached about 572’, or 7 feet over ‘full pool’.  We suspect the secondary spillway was not fully functional to the original design intent.  While we know that NTMWD modified the road and culverts, we believe the area leading from the lake to the road should be inspected, maintained, and if necessary restored to design intent.   

This video was taken April 24, 2022


Aerial drone Photo3_5.22.jpg

Aerial photo of Lake Bonham on May 11, 2022.  
5.5 days after the last rain.  Shows lingering turbid waater across the entire lake.

1-28-22  Shoreline turned with a spade showing 2 to 3 inches of sand on top of the dark silt. Imagine the center channel.

Shoreline Sand.jpg


Back Bay dirty 2.jpg

1-28-22 The bay itself is so full it is now holding vegetation closer to the crappie hole under the bridge. The back bay itself is full of sand.

1-28-22 Notice now with the lake load the sand banks built up where the creek exits into the back bay.

Back Bay dirty.jpg


Fish pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

January 28th 2022 A Catch

Anyone living on the second crossing Beaver Point side notice the bay full of sand in the water again with no rain or significant storms? The very back is sand brown and the area under my dock has taken on a great deal of sand over the years. I can scoop a handful of the bottom down deeper than 7 inches and it is hugely sand. Only way it would get fixed is dredging. First 2-3 years I would catch decent bass off the flats. Have not caught one decent size bass during the spawn now on the bridge side in 5 years.

April 2022, Beaver Dam in the second crossing back bay. 

The watershed areas are home to a great variety of wildlife.  As sediment increases in the watershed area we are seeing a significant decrease of wildlife and avian activity. We are also concerned for the life we cannot see, the Microorganisms whose most significant effects on earth is their ability to recycle the primary elements that make up all living systems.  Microbes are the essential cleaning system to keep the lifecyle of our envionment in balance. 

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